Rose Room

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Room Type Notice

Rose Room(a big bed)

Room Type Notice

l Entire building controlled by central air conditioning with heat exchange system, electronic sensor door lockl New style furniture: flora style chair, desk and chair, lampshade, Led hot water bottlel 32” TV, refrigerator, washer and dryer in the public facilities areal Closet, down bed spread, pillow, hair dryer, cracker, snack, coffee, bottle water, oolong tea bag…etc.l Can access to all public facilities. (Conference room, business center, Nanyang style back garden, couch area, laundry room, internet access)l Complete suite of bath facilities, dry wet apart

Description of Room Facility

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2. ·s¦¡³Ã­Ñ : ®Ñ®à´È¡BLed¼ö¤ô³ý¡C
3. 32¦T¹qµø¡B¦B½c¡B«OÀI½c¡C
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Room Facility