Fast Booking STEP.1 - Rose Boutique Hotel Taipei Station

Hotel Introduction

With function of transportation, and the function in the peripheral complete and convenientTaipei Main Station Branch Rose is situated in the commercial district center of Taipei Main Station that you can arrive at the Rose upon exiting MRT, which is very convenient. At here you can experience the vitality of the city scene, Qsquare, the commercial district of Huayin St., and the neighboring commercial district of Taipei Main Station, which are the tourism spots that travelers don’t want to miss. The central location of the city with convenient transportation has all the unique culture feature of Taipei in one visit, to have an in-depth experience.

Hotel Address:No. 3, Huayin St., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City

Room Introduction

Brand new Bath, separation air conditioner, electronic sensor door lockNew style furniture, modeling sofa, desk and chair, Led hot water bottleTV, refrigerator, Safe deposit boxCloset, down bed spread, pillow, hair dryer, cracker, snack, coffee, bottle water, oolong tea bag…etc.Free internet accessBrand new bath facilities, (with toiletry accessory)

Leisure Facilities

Peripheral Scenes

Attractions1.Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall2.History of Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall3.Taipei Fine Arts Museums4.Ximending5.Long Shan Temple6.Rongxing Park7.NingXia Night Market’s 8.Miniatures Museum of Taiwan’s9.Taipei Children’s Recreation Center10.Xingtian Temple11.Taipei Story House12.Martyr’s Shrine13.Taipei 10114.Taipei Bus Station


Driving yourself to Taipei Main Station BranchDrivingFrom Chongqing N. Rd. Junction driving toward the direction of Taipei Main Station, at Chongqing N. Rd. and Changan W. Rd. intersection turn left and keep going straight toward the direction of Zhongshan N. Rd, at Zhongshan N. Rd. and Changan W. Rd. intersection turn right and keep going straight for 100 meter then turn right into Huayin St. our branch is on the right hand side.Taking bus or passenger traffic to Taipei Main Station BranchTaking busAfter you get off at Taipei Bus Station, to exit on the direction of Chengde Rd. at Chengde Rd and Huayin St. intersection to turn into Huayin St. (toward the direction of Zhongshan N. Rd.) walk for about 5 minutes. Following are the buses and passenger traffic that arrive at Taipei Bus Station:Taipei Main Station (Zhengzhou)126, 14, 2, 218, 218(direct), 220, 220(direct), 260, 260(local), 274, 299(local), 310, 39, 40, 615, 641, 669 to arrive upon getting offTaipei Main Station (Chengde)304(Chengde Rd.), 63, 660, special shuttle of Dadaocheng bank to arrive upon getting offTaipei Main Station (Zhongxiao)14, 15, 15(Wanmei Line), 18, 202, 202(local), 205, 212, 212(straight), 218, 218(direct), 22, 220, 220(direct), 221, 232, 232(secondary), 246, 247, 253, 260, 260(local), 265 265(right), 265(left), 265(local), 274, 276, 287, 299, 299(local), 307, 310, 39, 49, 527, 539, 604, 605, 605(secondary), 605(Xintai line 5), 652, 659, 671, Zongxiao new line, blue1→pass through “Westside plaza of Taipei Main Station” the time takes to walk across the overhead bridge is about 3 minutes To look up on the bus line schedule MRT or THSR to Taipei Main Station BranchMRT or THSR of Taipei Main StationTake the Civic Blvd. exit to the North Gate 3 or West Gate 1 of Taipei Main Station, to walk toward the direction of Chengde Rd. for about 7 minutes, passing Qsquare turn right into Huayin St. (Chengde Rd. and Huayin St. intersection) to walk for about 5 minutesMRT or THSR of Taipei Main StationTo exit from the north side of MRT Station of Taipei Main Station and to exit through Civic Blvd, and to go under path toward the R area of Zhongshan Metro Shopping Mall, and to exit on R2 of Zhongshan Metro shopping Mall, after exit to walk to the direction of Huayin St. and Zhongshan N. Rd. for about 3 minute, our branch is on the left hand side.MRT Zhongshan StationTake the exit 1 and walk toward the direction of Chengde Rd., and turn left on Chengde Rd. Sec. 1 after passing McDonald and Kentucky Fried Chicken, turn left into Huayin St. to walk for about 900 meter, takes about 12 minutes of walking distance.